Located on a peninsula, ascend the great Saint Louis Peak at 529 metres and the Anosy mountains to view the true natural beauty of Fort Dauphin and its riviera. The French name for the laid-back town is Fort Dauphin and it is recognised as a surf spot with brilliant waves and attracts whales during July to August. The Malagasy name is Tolanaro or Taolagnaro which the airline Air Madagascar use. It has some great beaches on the three sides looking out to the Indian Ocean with the easiest beach to reach being Libanona beach. Beware of the srong current In Mahanoro, enjoy a stunning 180° panoramic view where you may spot some whales. This region is famous for its seafood and is a busy port town that receives international cruise ships at Ehoala Port. Shipwrecked Portuguese sailors built Fort Flacourt in 1643 and you can still visit the remains today with a guide. Rio Tinto have been operating the controversial ilmenite (titanium ore) mining since 2008 in the Mandena mining zone. The product is then exported to Canada to be processed into chemicals used for whitening. In the Deep South you can also enjoy over 22,000 hectares of spiny and gallery forests of Ifotaka near Mandrare River where you can enjoy day and night walks to see the endemic wildlife, meet the Malagasy Antandroy tribe and visit the local villages.

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