Visit the 7 Regions of Madagascar

Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world, 2 ½ times the size of Britain offering numerous flora and fauna that can only be found in this magnificent country. We have divided Madagascar into 7 regions to give you an idea of what to expect and the activities you can enjoy from each area. As the island of Madagascar is very large, there are various incredible different places you can choose to discover during your holidays. At The Earth Trip, we will ensure that your unique itinerary covers places of your personal interests. The landscape of Madagascar changes every 20 kilometres, from mountains to grasslands, rainforests to rocks, deserts to spiny forests, in addition to baobab plains. At The Earth Trip we can help you to create your perfect Madagascar itinerary featuring some truly unique attractions and activities tailored to your needs. All of our holidays include knowledgeable and experienced drivers and English-speaking guides.

Each region can offer you a variety of authentic experiences.

Tsingy and the West of Madagascar is home to the spectacular UNESCO World Heritage Site of Tsingy Bemaraha National Park or Grand Tsingy. Discover the picture postcard image of the “Alley of the Baobabs or the “Avenue of the Baobabs” and visit Kirindy Reserve to spot endemic lemurs, Giant jumping rats, chameleons and the rare Fossa.

Nosy Be and the North of Madagascar offers you beautiful tropical beach resorts and large National Parks to explore. Nosy Be’s archipelago offers a vast playground, with more than 15 virgin islands with plenty of snorkelling and diving on offer. Enjoy guided walks around a choice of exceptional National Parks including Amber Mountain and Ankarafantsika which are hotspots for endemic biodiversity. The North is also home to miracles of nature such as the Red Tsingy and Diego Suarez’s sugarloaf mountain.

Tulear and the South of Madagascar is a must-see region. Tulear is considered the region’s coastal capital city. From Tulear head off road and experience the southwest’s stunning blue coast with pristine beaches, fishing villages and typical flora of the spiny forest. Explore numerous National Parks like Isalo, Zombitse and Tsimanampetsotsa. Isalo National Park with its dramatic sandstone mountains and canyon scenery is known as the Grand Canyon of Madagascar and is a wildlife hotspot.

Saint Marie and the East of Madagascar borders the Indian Ocean. Saint Marie Island is renowned as a rewarding whale-watching site during July and August for humpback whales. Travel on the world famous Fianarantsoa Côte Est (FCE) Train to the eastern coastal town of Manakara then take a boat tour of the historic Pangalanes Canal. Enjoy day and night walks with experienced English speaking guides through the National Parks of Analamazaotra and Andasibe-Mantadia.

Antananarivo and the Central Highlands is home to the bustling capital city of Madagascar and an abundance of culture and nature. In Antananarivo, visit the Queen’s Palace at the top of the hill and you can take a day trip to the nearby Merina kingdom UNESCO World Heritage spot of Ambohimanga (“blue hill”). Journey through the Central Highlands on the popular National RN7 where you can experience the authentic Malagasy culture through paper-making, silk making and wines in Ambalavao, discover the story of traditional UNESCO Zafimaniry wood craftwork and see the traditional architecture of the Bara and Betsileo tribes. Get close to nature at Andringitra National Park and Anja Community Reserve, both home to troops of ring-tailed lemurs amongst other diverse wildlife and fauna. Madagascar is not only famous for its wildlife, Antsirabe is the home of the award-winning beer THB (Three Horses Beer) and Fianarantsoa is the wine capital of Madagascar.

Fort Dauphin (Tolanaro) and the Deep South
Fort Dauphin is the French name for the first French settlement in Madagascar, otherwise known as Tolanaro. Located on a peninsula, the city at the end of the world offers exceptional scenery, surf spots and whale-watching during July and August. Fort Dauphin is nestled at the foot of the Saint Louis’ peak, the city and its regions offer incredible walks in breathtaking sceneries. The area is home to some luxury secluded all-inclusive accommodation.

Masoala and the Northeast
The Masoala region offers many different activities: trekking or hiking in the wet forests of the park, kayaking, diving or snorkelling in the warm and turquoise waters of Antongil Bay. You can also enjoy cultural and historical excursions.

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