The South of Madagascar is the most arid region of the island and perhaps also the most unique in terms of scenery and flora. This bushy extension has patches of baobab forest and it is the only place on earth where you can admire the spiny forest, a semi-desert ecosystem formed by huge cactus-like plants which are only grow here. The route along the southern coast is full of vast white-sandy secluded beaches which are indeed hard to reach, since you are travelling off the beaten track on the sand. But the effort is worthwhile! The RN7, rebuilt with Chinese assistance and constantly undergoing maintenance works, is the main trunk road leading to the southern region of the country from Antananarivo on an epic 954 kilometre long journey into the southernmost regions of this vast country. The RN7 route is the most popular amongst foreign travellers because the road is paved and, therefore, easily accessible.

Tulear is at the end of the RN7 (National Road 7) and is considered the region’s coastal capital city. Bordering the Mozambique Channel, it is home to the area’s principal port and offers a number of seaside resorts at breathtaking beach locations.
En route visit Isalo, the Grand Canyon of Madagascar and Zombitse National Park. Zombitse National Park shelters 47% of the endemic birds of Madagascar and a local endemic species: the Appert’s Greenbul (Bernieria apperti) . It also counts 8 species of lemurs, of which some are almost threatened, such as the western fork-marked lemur (Phaner furcifer pallescens).
Experience the southwest’s stunning blue coast. From Tulear, a 4×4 will transport you on an exciting, although slightly inaccessible, road where approximately every 125 kilometres you can enjoy pristine beaches, fishing villages and typical flora of the spiny forest

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