Izabela Fronczyk

Specialist To: Sri Lanka Maldives Madagascar Seychelles Mauritius South Africa

Izabela is a co-founder of the Earth Trip. Her story with a dream of becoming a tour operator started at university, while she was studying Environmental Management. One of the subjects was called Responsible Tourism and this is where it all started. She got insiped and since then going on holiday was never the same.

Sri Lanka was the first country on her mind, as her partner was born there and they had visited this lovely island many times already. Doing very extensive research of the tourism in Sri Lanka, the choice was made.

The visit to the country was part of the research to choose the right attractions and hotels that would suit their portfolio. Izabela was very consistent to ask every place that they visited:

‘’How do you contribute the local communities and do you do anything good for the environment? ‘’

It was amazing to hear that around 90 percent of places she visited were contributing to ethical and responsible tourism. There were a few places that failed the inspection and therefore they are not promoted by The Earth Trip.

Sri Lanka became a very popular holiday destination after the long civil war. There are many new hotels that are opening every year. Izabela travels every year to inspect new hotels and discover more of the remote parts of the islands.

Izabela visited other Indian Ocean islands to add them to their list of destinations: Madagascar, Maldives, Seychelles, Mauritius & South Africa.

Every journey of their customer is always well-thought-out as they have first-hand experience.

Visiting hundreds of hotels in each country gives them an advantage to consult with each and every customer their whole journey and suggest some details that only a handful of people would know.

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