Izabela Fronczyk

Specialist To: Sri Lanka Maldives Madagascar Seychelles Mauritius South Africa

Izabela, a co-founder of The Earth Trip, embarked on her journey towards becoming a tour operator during her university days while studying Environmental Management. The catalyst was a subject called Responsible Tourism, sparking inspiration that transformed the way she viewed holidays forever.

Sri Lanka held a special place in her heart, being the initial country of choice due to her partner’s roots and their numerous visits to the island. Thorough research on Sri Lanka’s tourism industry solidified the decision.

During their research trip to Sri Lanka, Izabela meticulously inquired at every place they visited, asking, “How do you contribute to local communities, and what initiatives do you undertake for the environment?” Astonishingly, around 90 percent of the visited places demonstrated a commitment to ethical and responsible tourism. Any locations that fell short of these standards were excluded from promotion by The Earth Trip.

Sri Lanka, having risen in popularity after a prolonged civil war, continues to be a focal point. Izabela regularly travels to explore new hotels and uncover remote parts of the island.

Expanding their list of destinations, Izabela ventured to other exciting, including Madagascar, Maldives, Seychelles, Mauritius, South Africa and Kenya. The Earth Trip ensures that every customer’s journey is thoughtfully planned, drawing from their extensive firsthand experiences. With visits to hundreds of hotels in each country, they possess a unique advantage, enabling them to provide tailored advice and share details known to only a select few.

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