The island of Praslin is the second largest island of the Seychelles Archipelago, 44 kilometres northeast of Mahé Island. Praslin is a perfect tropical island with more than just sand and sea. This peaceful island offers many attractions such as 8,000 year old coral reefs to explore, hiking through untouched forests, and some extremely rare animal and plant life, such as the Black Parrot and the endemic Seychelles Bulbul. Praslin gives rise to some of the most beautiful beaches within the whole of the Seychelles. The beaches on Praslin are better than those on Mahé, due to their width and length and they offer wonderful swimming and snorkelling. Other potential activities include sailing and diving, particularly on the laidback beach of Anse Lazio, which features dazzling coral reefs. Amongst the best beaches are Anse Lazio, Anse Georgette, Anse Kerlan and Anse Volbert.
Because of the island’s tropical forests, there is a great diversity of animals to observe. The World Heritage-listed, Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve, is the perfect place for nature and animal enthusiasts where you will can find the hauntingly beautiful vanilla orchids and the tree bearing the world’s largest nut.
The hotels of Praslin Island offer lavish calm and peaceful surroundings, with some bungalows directly on the beach.
Due to Praslin’s natural outdoor beauty, its tourism industry does not offer a large number of buildings fit for a rainy day. However, those looking for a retreat from the outdoors can visit the George Camille Gallery, which showcases the work of a famous local artist. Checking out this artwork is a helpful way to get a sense of the culture of the island.
Since Praslin Island is in the southern hemisphere, it gets very hot there during the summer and even in the winter. Winter is the best time to visit and takes place during what those in North America and Europe consider summer.
Praslin Island is a great choice as a holiday destination for everyone who wishes to relax on some of the world’s finest beaches.

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