Central North of Kenya has unique and diverse landscape.

Just to the east of Mount Kenya in the south of the central plateau lies Meru National Park, a lovely little park that attracts few package tours and remains fairly untouched. In the far north of the central plateau lies the Matthews Mountain Range, which forms the boundary to Kenya’s northern wastelands. The Matthews Range is a stunning area as remote as can be found in Kenya, with only a couple of lodges, which attracts walkers and travelers seeking isolation and fascinating cultural interactions with the Samburu Tribe.

The most obvious attraction in northern Kenya is the Laikipia plateau, a region of hilly savanna. Laikipia boasts more endangered species than anywhere else in the country including the highest population of black rhinos. Mount Kenya has a variety of wildlife which include elephants, buffaloes, leopards, elands, defassa waterbuck and much more.

The Lake Turkana is another major attractions to add to the strong appeal of the adventurous journey to the astounding lakeshore. Nature walks are highly recommended for those who want to discover the unique afroalpine landscape.

Mount Kenya is already recognized by UNESCO as a world Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve. One of the reason is, it is beautiful, diverse and unique in sceneries. The main u-shaped valleys that spread in a radial pattern from the peaks is just one example next to the historical caves, beautiful rivers, lakes and tanks.
Learn more about Mount Kenya as an important historical and cultural sign while discovering the caves and enjoying the landscape.

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