The Farm Resorts, on the banks of the Castlereigh Reservoir, is a magical, untouched serene tranquil haven to gather your strengths in a peaceful natural ambience, absolutely the best way to experience the Hill Country. Just three and a half hours by road from Colombo or less than a hour by seaplane to The Farm.

The Farm Resorts is a gem of a holiday spot. The cottages are located in the middle of tea plantations, surrounded by the Castlereigh Reservoir.
A breathtaking location in a tranquil ambience. The location makes it easy to make trips to different places of interest. Almost Alpine in appearance, occupy a Chalet on a elevated shoreline setting in the rural hill country just south of Dickoya.
From the porch of any one of the Chalets you can watch the water, trees, tea fields, mountains and watch & listen to the abundant birdlife.


The chalets and cottages are named after flowers unique to Sri Lanka and boast beautiful views and bright airy living spaces. Every well-appointed bedroom has ensuite bathroom for privacy and convenience. Cleanliness and quality are a trademark of the resort, from crisp white linen and high quality duvets to an impeccably maintained bathrooms.


The restaurant, set with a stunning view of the lake, is located within a short walk from your rooms. It features a massive stone fireplace, high beamed ceiling and formal sitting areas for a meal and desserts or lounge area for delicious hot and cold beverages.

In professionally upgraded high end kitchen, the chef, Subhan, produces masterpieces you will relish and crave long after you have left Sri Lanka. He skillfully executes whatever your palate desires – whether it be authentic/traditional eats, a hearty outdoor barbeque or a vast array of mouthwatering fusion dishes.

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