‘The Ibis’ – Wilpattu

Overlooking and bordering a local Lake and nestled on a 2 ½ acre land surrounded and hidden by greenery sits The Ibis, a four bed roomed exclusive and private ‘Villa’ styled property which  lets you experience the absolute peace and serenity of rural Sri Lanka only to be broken by the twittering of over a hundred species of birds by day and at night it gives you the impression that you could touch the moon and the stars making you feel that you are one with nature.


It is to let you enjoy the joys of nature and tranquility that we so much enjoy and long for in comfort and safety. The staff at The Ibis are, extended family members who have been known to us for some time and they will take care of you like their own.

Named after the ‘IBIS’  a bird species from the stork family Threskiornithidae , who were venerated as a God in some cultures and as being responsible for time, the moon and magic, in some other cultures as the sign of fertility which characteristics do justice to the magical and idyllic setting for The Ibis – Wilpattu. This along with the two species of Ibis found on the lake which the property overlooks, was the inspiration for the name of this two bed roomed private ‘Villa’ styled property.