The Finest View in Sri Lanka

Discover the Horton Plains National Park, Sri Lanka’s highest and most isolated plateau with an elevation of 2,134 metres. The scenery that can be seen from here is considered to be the finest view in Sri Lanka. Here you can follow bridle paths for about 4 hours through mystic cloud forests and Patna grassland to the “World’s End” a sheer drop of 1050 metres. Lie on your stomach and peep over the ridge, the view when it is clear of mist is simply magnificent. Horton Plains National Park is home to rare flora and fauna; Sambar deer and elusive Bear monkey as well as many birds. Early morning, the Indian Ocean rims the horizon, 80 kilometres away. The name Horton Plains, was out of respect for the then British Governor of Sri Lanka, Sir Horton and the area was discovered by Sir Thomas Farr in the 1900s. This is one of world’s best nature tracks and nature lovers will enjoy this wide, patna-grass-covered plain and the Baker Falls.



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