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Discover Amber Mountain National Park in the North of Madagascar. Experience a guided walk with a local park guide to explore this great biodiversity sanctuary abundant with endemic fauna and flora, luxuriant vegetation, many waterfalls and volcanic lakes which honeycomb the area. The climate is perfect with cool air which is refreshing after the heat of the lowlands. The dominant ethnic groups are the Sakavala and the Antankarana.

Amber Mountain, also known as Montagne d’Ambre, is a massif montane rainforest that rises from the surrounding dry region forming an isolated stretch of forest covering an area of 18, 200 hectares and lying at altitudes between 800 and 1,470 metres. The Amber Mountain National Park is home to 25 species of mammals, among them 6 carnivores such as the ring-tailed mongoose, the fossa and 8 lemurs: Sanford’s brown lemur, crowned lemur, lesser bamboo lemur and five species of nocturnal lemurs. Besides these forests are the homes of 75 different bird species (35 of which are endemic and even locally endemic, like the Amber Mountain rock-thrush ), 60 reptiles, such as the tiny stump-tailed chameleons, Brookesia, the smallest chameleon in the world, leaf-tailed geckos and snakes, 35 frogs and more than 40 butterflies. The rich luxurious flora and fauna has created three unique ecosystems (montane rainforest, mid-altitude rainforest and dry deciduous forests) which provide shelter to more than one thousand different plants.


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