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Check our suggestions for Sri Lanka Bespoke Holidays. Sri Lanka is a tropical paradise on earth waiting to be discovered. The explorer Marco Polo described it as “undoubtedly the finest island of its size in the world”. Sri Lanka is the perfect holiday destination offering everything a dream holiday should offer: warm tropical sun, hundreds of kilometers of sandy beaches, unique wildlife, an incredible ancient history, and rich culture. Despite its small size, Sri Lanka hosts fourteen national parks and eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It also has many distinct weather micro-climates, to the extent that for every 20-kilometre travelled, one enters a different climate. There is a thrilling variety of wildlife on the island including leopards, sloth bears and rare bird species found nowhere else but Sri Lanka. It has the unique distinction of being home to the two largest mammals in the world: the blue whale and the elephant.

The Earth Trip has created the very best and well-thought-out itineraries so you can choose something that suits you most and we will be able to customise all the details. To ensure your comfort all of our Sri Lanka holidays are tailor-made according to your preferences. Please search for your best holiday package and contact us to make an inquiry. If you would like to combine your Sri Lanka holidays with other Indian Ocean islands we will be able to tailor-make it especially for you.

Sri Lanka as a holiday destination has so much to offer to every traveller. Family holidays, off the beaten track holidays, wildlife holidays, and honeymoons are just a few to mention, but the list is much longer. Our holidays and tours to Sri Lanka include many aspects of ethical and responsible tourism to ensure that local people and places benefit from tourism.

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Tailor-Made Holidays

At The Earth Trip we will design and plan your personalised itinerary according to the exact requirements of your trip. Whether you prefer to be on a mountaintop or under a waterfall; wake up in the middle of a jungle or have a picnic with locals in the tea plantations – we select the accommodation and activities in order to suit not only your preferences, but also your budget.

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